Saturday, 03 December 2016
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Sponsors and Patrons Featured

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Renewal period for the 2017 Season has begun

Business Sponsors

Auburn Opelika Tourism AO Tourism Site
Anne M. May with Machen, McChesney & Chastain, LLP
Floyd Vest with Tiger Design
Pak Mail


Ken McPherson


* Mark Nelms
* Maury & Mary Lou Matthews
* Mark Wimberly Letterman 76-78
* Jon & Rachel Hyink
* Ken Allen - R.K. Allen Oil

* R. Allen & Linda Brewer
* Stacy Soltis


Herb Shivers
Ed and Lee Chapman


* John and Vicki Meetze
* Brownbrough 101 (Mary Helen Brown & Beth Yarbrough)
* Dave & Kate Donaldson
* Tom & Barbara Kolmetz
* Mike & Tina Smith
* Robert & Vickie Copenhaver
* Jimmy & Kathy Pruett

* Mitch, Dana, Brent & Taylor Duke
* David & Terri Plundo
* David & Vera Ellen Scott
* Clint and Marissa Fritts

The ADC thanks all its Sponsors and Patrons.  All memberships allow the club to provide enhanced support for the team.  Sponsor and Patron memberships are essential for the club to host the annual team recognition banquet.  For information on becoming a Sponsor or Patron contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 *2016 Members

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